Wedding in the Garden - Clau & Julio

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Wedding in the Garden - Clau & Julio

This wedding in the garden took place at Clau’s house. The same place where we had the engagement photoshoot. The location boasted a big and beautiful garden and I loved being there to capture all of its vibrance.

First, I will show you the engagement session. After that, you’ll see the Bride’s brunch at The Country Club Hotel. And Finally, the wedding at Clau’s house.

Clau and Julio – The Engagement Photoshoot

When you have in front of your camera a beautiful couple in a beautiful place, you can only get beautiful pictures. Clau loves details and that helped a lot in the photoshoot. She took care of all the details in the clothing and accessories for the photos.

Julio visiting Clau
Clau is Wathing Julio

Clau’s Brunch – The bride and her friends

Clau’s brunch was a romantic party. Clau and her friends met at the Country Club Hotel in Lima. They shared nice moments together and had a great time. The meeting was women only so I was very lucky to be surrounded by all this beautiful ladies. I saw this as a great opportunity to take several portraits.

Few hours after, Julio came with a bouquet of roses and a violinist, he stole everyone’s heart. He welcomed everyone and expressed his love for Clau. Afterwards, he invited everyone to the wedding as well, the photographer included.

The Wedding in the Garden

The big day arrived. The garden was fully decorated. It had a big white awning and a lot of flowers. The ceremony was very emotional and the party was super fun. Everybody had a great time and I personally loved it as well, because it was the wedding that opened many paths for me.

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