Wedding in Lima - Elisha & Sasa

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Wedding in Lima - Elisha & Sasa

This Wedding happened in Lima – Peru. Elisha is a beautiful Peruvian woman and Sasa is a handsome guy from Montenegro. They worked on a Cruise where they met and fell in love.

On the wedding day, Elisha and Sasa were in the same apartment. But Elisha believes in the tradition that the groom must not see the bride before the ceremony. For that reason, she stayed away in her room with her make-up and hairstyle team. And Sasa had a good time with the photographer, I mean me. Taking “getting ready” pictures and groom portraits.

When the bride was ready, Sasa had to leave the apartment to go to the church, doing his best to avoid seeing the bride. Finally, I got to take some pictures of Elisha before the ceremony.

When the beautiful ceremony ended, we took pictures around the church, I loved its stained glass windows. After that, we went to an isolated little park where I got to take some more intimate shots of the couple. Catching the essence of them.

Finally, We arrived at the “Club de la Union”, which is an elegant venue of the old Lima. We used the facilities of the place to take pictures while we waited for the guests to arrive. Some minutes after the party started: Sasa and Elisha danced to the song “Thinking out loud” by Ed Sheeran. It was a very romantic moment. And right after, they danced with Elisha’s Parents.

The party started and everybody had a great time, Photographer incluyed.

Pictures of this beautiful Wedding in Lima

Wedding in Lima
Wedding in Lima
Wedding in Lima
Wedding in Lima

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