Valerie & Caner - Wedding in a Boat

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Valerie & Caner - Wedding in a Boat

The wedding took place inside a boat. It was very intimate. The Boat left the pier in Fisherman’s Village in California and started to navigate the nearby beaches while the wedding was taking place. Let me tell you this nice story.

I met Valerie when I worked in West Hollywood. She is always a smiling girl. I was very surprised when she called me to hire me as the photographer of her wedding but very happy too. Because she would marry my friend Caner.

After the surprise, we coordinated details about her wedding until the big day arrived. It was my first time that I took pictures in a small place. I always like to look around because to find nice place where I can composite good images. But the place would be inside the boat.

A wedding in a boat was going to be a great challenge for me. But how I always say:

How the people feel and look in a pictures is more important that the venue where they can be.

When I entered into the boat, really, I could feel a lot of intimateness and a romantic scent. Then I knew that this was going to be great.

The Wedding

I fund Valerie in one of the boat rooms with her wedding dress. She looked so beautiful and very happy and cheerful with her friends. My good friend Caner looked very handsome too. I really got nice pictures of both.

I had a good time at the Valerie’s wedding. The boat ride was great and the wedding was romantic and funny. I really love this couple because both are my friends and I am very happy to have been their wedding photographer.

Long live the bride and groom, long live their love.

Here, I tell you this story with images and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

wedding in a boat
wedding in a boat

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