5 TIPS to look Natural and Amazing in your ENGAGEMENT SESSION💗

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Take a Look this video where I give you the Tips to look Natural in your Engagement Session.

First of all, congratulations! You and your partner have decided to celebrate your love and marriage. And now, of course, You are looking for engagement photo ideas and perhaps you have already made your table in PINTEREST with a lot of pictures of couples looking happy, fun and very romantic.

Now, You are thinking that these kinds of pictures depend on hiring a very good photographer and… You are RIGHT, but just 50%. The other 50% depends on the happiness, the romantic, and the fun that you express in front of the camera.

For this, I can give you five tips on how to look natural and not “trying too hard” in your engagement session.

Engagement Session in Los Angeles Downtown by Feelingrafia

1- Inspiration is not Copy

Yes! It’s ok that you have a lot of pictures in your Pinterest tables about couples, but these couples are not you. It is not the same venue and neither is it the same situation. Many times, the couples you see in these pictures are actors or models. They know how to pose for a camera and they are indeed acting.

But, you should let these pictures serve you only as inspiration, so the day of the photoshoot, if you remember them, just try to play with your partner and not emulate strictly the pose you had in mind. This way you will see that everything flows naturally.

Tips Engagement Session

2- Dance 

The engagement session is a good opportunity to practice your wedding’s first dance. For example, since it is not the official dance, you might have some funny moments when a step is missed that would bring some positively unexpected moments. The photographer will be there attentive to capture your natural smile and laughter.

Engagement Session
Photographer: Feelingrafia by Fabian Gonzales

3- Don’t feel pressured

Be yourself!

Not all couples are the same, some couples are extravagant, some couples are introverted and sometimes one is extravagant and the other one is introverted. If you are the first case, Fantastic, I have nothing more to tell you. You’ll feel comfortable in front of the camera and we’ll get awesome pictures.

If you are the second and third case, NO SWEAT! It might take a little more time to let yourself lose, but don’t put pressure on yourself to do so. Relax, enjoy the moment, don’t take yourself to seriously, and HAVE FUN. I’ve noticed that a great resource for these types of couples is to make the session in desolated places.

Whichever the type you are, in the end, we’ll get awesome and natural pictures if you just relax and trust yourself.

4- Wear clothes that make you feel good.

Yes, this is very important. Don’t disguise yourself as something you are not. If you want to have natural pictures, you have to wear something that makes you feel natural as well. For example, If you are a little shy and choose to wear “eye-catching” clothes that attract most of the attention, it could be a little harder to overcome your shyness and the pictures won’t look natural.

Another example is that sometimes ladies wear very short crop tops or skirts and they spend most of the time preventing the top of the skirt from climbing up or they just worry about what can be seen and as a result, we get a lot of pictures with their hands in their garment instead of focusing on their partner, which always makes a better photo. An easy fix is to just wear something that makes you feel comfortable. If you do decide to go outside your comfort zone, do your best to forget about it and just enjoy the moment. Trust me, the photographer will only use the most flattering and appropriate picture for you.


Have you ever kissed your fiance around your friends just because you felt like doing it? That happened when the people around you are people that you know and you trust. This is the level you have to know and trust to your photographer, and you’ll see that these pictures will show awesome and natural Kisses.

As a photographer, I don’t like to ask the couple to kiss in front to the camera, because I want to keep this natural and not scripted.

But, how can you get to know your photographer better? Well, interview him. Either in person or virtually, follow him on his social networks and see his portfolio and his work. In this way, You can know his style so you’ll know what kind of pictures you’ll get and you can familiarize with it. If you like his work, you’ll trust him.

If you came to this part of the blog, I thank you very much. I hope that these Tips to look Natural in your Engagement session can help you.

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