Photoshoots with Claire Lombrozo

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Photoshoots with Claire Lombrozo

I’ve had the opportunity to make two photoshoots with Claire but I still would love to do it again. My camera is in love with her and you’ll see why.

Claire is an actress from Santa Barbara but she lives in L.A. now. She studied acting in Baron Brown Studio; where Tom Cruise, Benicio del Toro, Keanu Reeves and many more good actors have studied as well. I really think it’s a matter of time until her career takes off.

If you want to know more about Claire, you can take a look at her website where you can see some reels and more information about her. She has already participated in several shorts and some spots. This is my favorite thus far:

Now, Claire is starting her own production company: Osil Productions and she is shooting two web series and producing a play next spring.

First Photoshoot with Claire

For the first photoshoot, I met with Claire in Santa Monica Piers. It is a very touristic place in L.A. Therefore, it is a hard place to have a session because a lots of people around us but we managed to go on.

Claire showed that she is not just a gifted actress, she is also a beautiful model in front of a camera. You can confirm this in the next pictures.

Second Photoshoots with Claire

For a second time, Claire and I got together for another session. But this time, she wanted some urban shoots. This is why I thought of North Hollywood Metro Station as a place for the photoshoot.

And once again, I had a good time shooting with Claire. We met at a restaurant and we used all the locations of the place, after we used the entrance of North Hollywood Metro. This is a colorful venue that I have always wanted to use for a photoshoot.

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