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Pashqa Collection

When my cousin introduces me to his friend Gustavo, He never told me that Gustavo was a fashion designer and less that he had a clothing brand in Peru.

Gustavo and his sister came to vacations and to look for new tendencies in Los Angeles, then one day we talk about the live in this city among other things and as in all entertaining conversation the topics changed and changed Without us realizing, So I started to speak them about my photography and I showed them my portfolio, Gustavo very kindly began to value my job and he asked me “…and Don’t you do fashion?” and me (in that moment I didn’t know that he was a fashion designer) I commented him that I am not a fashion photographer and I explained thousands of reasons of the whys. Gustavo a little sad told me “the point is that I am fashion designer and I have my own clothing brand in Peru, Really I would have loved to hire you for photographing my new collection here in L.A.” … I put a big pokerface but after I showed my best smile, the same smile that I showed when I worked in the bank and I sold the highest interest rates of the market and I said him: “Let’s make fashion!!!”.

So we negotiated, we came to an agreement and we started planning the session, my cousin got the model and I recommended them the Walt Disney Concert Hall as a venue to session, really It is a beautiful work of art by architect Frank Gehry and based in his idea about a cosmopolitan collection We made the session which left us very satisfied with the results.

Here I show you the photos of this session, and I invite you to visit his website PASHQA.COM
I hope you enjoy it

And Finally: Photographer, Model and Fashion Designer

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