Lovely Couple: Brittany + Mathew

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Lovely Couple: Brittany + Mathew

This lovely couple is so sweet that they really make you want to squeeze them tenderly. I meet Brittany and Mathew when I lived in Denver. I loved them right on the spot.

They met through their mutual friends at a pool hall but love did not come out immediately. They fell out of touch for a few years and one day, out of the blue, they connected through Facebook. Then, they started talking, hanging out, training together and started dating.

Eight years after, this couple is very much in love.

Lovely Couple in a Lovely Session

I talked with Brittany about an engagement session. After the necessary coordination, we agreed to meet at Belmark Park. I lived very close to this park (five minutes on foot).

In contrast to L.A. -where I should travel some hours out of the city to get some nature landscapes- something that I like about Denver is to find big parks very close to each other and have a lot of green areas.

 When I first met Brittany and Mathew I could see brightness in their eyes. They have a very positive aura and I could feel very good vibes about them.

We started with a cowboy-style, close to the sunset. Truly, the place helped us because the park has a little farmhouse, characteristic for these types of pictures. After that, they showed me that both were huge fans of Harry Potter. It was a surprise to me because I can definitely imagine a romantic session for a Harry Potter Shoot. But really, I had a great time with them. We played with the camera and climbed trees, something that I’ve never done. It was a very funny and lovely session.

Take a look at this photoshoot and enjoy it.

Lovely Couple

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