Lifestyle Photography: Nicole Gil

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Lifestyle Photography: Nicole Gil

I always say that I am not a fashion photographer. I like to portrait people and show their truest self. Lifestyle photography is a style more suitable for me because I can show the person as s/he really is.

On this occasion, I’ll introduce you Nicole Gil. She is a beautiful dancer and a Salsa lover. She is from Los Angeles – California but her father is Colombian and her mother is of Polish descent. But she has in her blood this Latin flavor that she expresses in her way of dancing.

Her family always encouraged her to perform at family gatherings. Her sister and she sang and danced in mini-shows they had designed for the family. She took her first consistent dance classes when she turned 9.

At 12 years old, her friend’s mom took her to an all ages dance event. Everyone was very welcoming and willing to teach her the basics. She immediately fell in love with the community and dance! After that, she took kids’ salsa classes and attempted to start a salsa club at her High School.

If you are interested in following her classes, I recommend that you take a look at this website: Movers and Shakers. where you can get some information about her classes. But let me just show you a video where you can see how gifted she is:

Lifestyle Photography Session

I met Nicole in the Beverly Hills sign. It is a park in the middle of Beverly city. A place where I can get some urban pictures and some nature pictures.

Nicole showed me that she’s not only a good dancer but also she is a good model too. She was very easy to lead. This way I got the images that I wanted to get.

I will show Nicole’s pictures and I hope you enjoy them as I enjoyed photographing them.

lifestyle photography
lifestyle photography
lifestyle photography

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lifestyle photography 
me with the model

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