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His name is Fabian Gonzales, he is our professional photographer who has been a witness to the love of many couples and families to whom he has kept their most valuable treasures … their memories.  

Fabian Gonzales Photographer

I must confess to you that I’ve seen “La La Land” more than nine times (have that soundtrack on my car’s playlist too). I hopelessly cried when “Iron Man” died and…don’t get me started about what happened to COCO. Or, that I stood up and clapped when “Whiplash” finished.

I like Blues and Bossanova because of my very emotional personality. I express what I feel easily because I’m convinced that every artist must transmit emotions and to achieve it, they must not only study the techniques of their art but they should also study themselves and explore their sensitivity.

My main source of inspiration is movies and music. Trust me. I can hear images. I have a mental radio station that plays songs in my mind while I’m photographing… and I always look for my pictures to have a romantic Blues sound.

Sometimes, it may appear that I seem lost, but the truth is that I can’t stop to take pictures in my mind. I try to capture images that I see everywhere: sky, puddles, mirages, trees, birds, street perspectives, flowers, cars lights, sunsets, leaves moving… anyway. What I love is to watch and look for the beauty in everyday life. My fortune cookie even told me once:

fortune cokie

I’ve studied Economy in one of the most important universities of Peru and I’ve worked in financial institutions more than 8 years. That’s where my formal and professional me comes from. To tell you how I became a photographer is something we should do over lunch.

I’ve photographed more than 250 weddings and I’ve lost count how many people I’ve portrayed. I have always seen beyond as to attain my objective to capture the essence and way of being of that someone, then put it on picture. What I like about photographing couples is to tell their stories, the love that they feel and to hold those feelings forever and ever.

The couple’s life is a never-ending trip where everyone travels no one knows the destination. But, amongst those walks there will always be storms and some may even challenge the relationship. My goal is that when these very hard moments take place, that couple returns to their memories, to the photos I’ve taken and remember the feeling, happiness, illusion and motivation for which they decided to say yes forever and hold hands again to keep walking together along that path they decided to walk.

My name is Fabian Gonzales and I would love to be that photographer who tells your story.

Something More

I have a little boy who brings me joy. He calms me down despite his mischiefs. I always want to stop time because he is growing too fast. This is why I understand the importance of keeping all memories and have beautiful portraits to make them last forever. In that sense, I always hire professional photographers who let me enjoy any moment while they are at work capturing my memories. I haven't always been behind the camera and thanks to my experiences, I can understand what people can feel when they are in front of the camera. Although photography is an art that I love and that I have taught myself, I think that one must always have constant training to improve results. For all of this, I still study and travel to catch new experiences, trends and new perspectives.

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Portrait of the beautiful Natasha Jackson

Fabian is amazing photographer with incredible vision and creativity. He is very easy going, fun and absolute pleasure to work with. He is patient, kind and has very keen eye for details.  If you are looking for truly talented photographer, that captures beauty and emotion, don’t look any further. I highly recommend.

Natasha Jackson

Fabian is a professional at work. He Made pictures with our wedding photos. He shared a lot with us and gave us shots that we will never forget. Your photos are very spontaneous. Thanks Fabian for your work. We will remember our whole life. Highly recommended.

Luis Schanks

Fabian Gonzales is an amazing and successful photographer. The passion and dedication that he applies on his job is unique and recommendable. ¡¡My wedding photos were just STUNNING!! Thank you dear and all the best

Elisa Fuentes

My husband and I were lucky enough to have Fabian take our family photos. He was very professional and patient with us and out dogs. He was able to capture so many great photos for us.

Nikalit Jacobs
Portrait of Consuelo Rios by Feelingrafia

It was a really nice experience and i felt really comfortable with him i got amazing pictures for my 15s i would totally recommend this to anyone he’s a great photographer!

Consuelo Rios