Personal Portrait

Personal Portrait


Artistic photos with the dedication of a painter to make your portraits a work of art.

Our main objective is to capture your essence as a person and portray in a photo your way of being, your fears, your joys, your sorrows and all your feelings, we want you to feel free and you can express yourself in front of the camera without having to force poses.

For Professionals too, remember that a good image of you can have a positive impact on your sales or on your professional scale

My husband and I absolutely love Fabians artistic photos as much as how easy and comfortable our session went! He made us feel comfortable from the first moment, being nice and friendly but professionally. Our pictures look like out of a magazine and our parents and friends loved them just as much!  

Sara Silvana

A good photographer sets themselves appart from others when they shoot with passion and breaks the mold/techniques. Feelingrafia captures a moment through a perspective that is not straight forward, making it magical, private and unique. A1 class photographer, totally recommended.

Piero Fortunic