Children's Parties Photographer: Allen is now 4 Years Old

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Children's Parties Photographer: Allen is now 4 Years Old

I love to be a children’s parties photographer because kids are always sincere in front of the camera. From my vantage point, it is wrong to tell the kids all the time: “Hey buddy! Look at the camera!” Kids can pay attention but only up to 3 pictures. After that, they just want to play.

You need a lot of patience if you want to be a children’s parties photographer. Not because kids are hard but due to the fact that parents always want their kids to look at the lens.

Hey Parents!!! Leave the kids alone”.

I always like to talk with parents before the party and explain to them that the kids just want to have fun. The shots turn out to be boring very quickly if you pester them. Saying for example “Look at the Camera”, “Sit right”, “Say Cheese”, “Smile”…Nah, Nah, Nah… Please, let the kids play, let the kids be themselves and I can assure that you will get the most fantastic pictures you have ever taken a look at.

Allen Birthday Party

Allen is a very playful little boy. He just wanted to have fun on his B-day and he knew that this day was going to be the greatest of them all. Balloons, games, candies… His cousin… friends… Thus everyone was there. To top it off, his favorite Disney character was present and Allen loved it.

Allen loves all Toy Story Movies. It was a big surprise for him to see these toys everywhere at his party and really, he had a blast. It could not have been otherwise.

Check this photo-story about Allen and his birthday number 4.

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