Maria & Alexandru - Post Wedding

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Maria & Alexandru - Post Wedding

Maria and Alexandru are a Romanian couple living in Denmark. They got married and took the decision to travel the world and take pictures with their wedding clothes. They have already traveled over Europe and some Asian countries prior to their visit to L.A.

They found me through a wedding photographer portal where I have my profile listed, and after seeing my portfolio they decided to contact me.

I was really surprised when they told me that they speak 3 languages, Spanish being one of them, and Alexandru really speaks very good Spanish, almost without an accent. he told me that he learned to speak Spanish at a very young age.

Another thing that surprised me was that they already knew Peru, They traveled before getting married, and we were speaking about their visit to Macchu Picchu and Cuzco.

I loved the couple, they are very smart and lovely people, it was really easy to direct them, and they gave me the results that I wanted in the pictures.

The venue was THE WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL, I had already taken pictures there, but the first time was a portrait session and the second time was a fashion session (you can see the fashion session in the next link: Pashqa Collection). But I always wanted to take pictures of a couple and with wedding clothes much better.

The venue has excellent architecture and the couple has an excellent attitude, they are very romantic and nice, for that reason, I am happy with the pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

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