Tania & Piero - First Look

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Tania & Piero - First Look

Hi everyone, I want to narrate you the “First look” of Tania & Piero, a beautiful couple with a lot feeling. You can’t miss this history.

They had already finished with the hairstyle and makeup of Tania, I already took pictures to the groom and the bride each one by separated, the ceremony was close to begin and there were many people in the Tania’s room yet, it was the make-up artist, the stylist and even the wedding planner, I asked them to please they went out the room and leave me the bride alone because the groom was already outside waiting to see her, that moment was only for they both. Everybody retired of the room and then Tania invaded the nerves and emotions.

Feelingrafia Wedding photographer

Believe me, that really moved my feelings, happily Tania’s mother was near and she had not gone out the room yet, so before retiring she gave her a glass of water and managed to calm her nerves a little.

Meanwhile out of the room Piero’s mother with a kiss on the forehead was also trying to calm her nerves, Piero seems to be very quiet and calm, but inside he was very nervous, I could notice him by his pores.

Well, I had the couple alone… It was the moment.


I asked Piero to come up and lean against the wall, and so did Tania… Piero sighed so strong what if he should have been outside he can have cleared the clouds, in that moment, only the click of my camera was heard, but thiat sound was silenced for the strong beat of their hearts.

Feelingrafia Wedding Photographer

Both were in silence, they didn’t look their self yet but we could feel the emotion into all the room, Then Piero looked for Tania’s hand and when he found it their hearts exploited.

Feelingrafia Wedding Photographer

Now, it was the moment that Piero was going to look Tania but perhaps the room was going to impede that I can take some angles, or maybe if I wanted to move to other side perhaps I would have interrupt something and I would not have wanted that to happen. For that I asked Piero leave the room and Tania go out behind him.

Feelingrafia Wedding Photographer

Sincerely, Piero could not wait more, but I wanted to enlarge the time…. You know, more emotion… Tania approached him…

Feelingrafia Wedding Photographer

 Then, Piero turn around and see her… There is nothing more to describe

Feelingrafia Wedding Photogrpaher

Feelingrafia Wedding Photographer

When the love is true it will win to the bad luck, this was a moment that they will never forget, a moment that wasn’t interrupted by anything or anyone, a true love declaration without words, the wedding was a success, very emotive and fun, these photos I’ll show you later, I hope you have enjoyed with this romantic story.

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