From Colorado To California

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From Colorado To California

My stay in Colorado was an excellent experience in my life, I knew faboulous people and the most beautiful landscapes, Photographically I found a perfect combination between landscape and people, but I had to keep building my way and I had to go to California in the search of new and enriching experiences.

I traveled in two days because first I rested in a hotel in Utah and after I continued from my way.

First of all I want to show you some pictures to Colorado before to show pictures about my trip

Denver Downtown

It was time to take the trip, I had to drive 8 hours, to rest and to continue my trip the next day, really I never stoped in any place in Colorado, It was when I saw the sign to welcome to Utah  what I began to stop to take pictures.

Bye Bye Colorado

Welcome to UTAH


Time to Rest


After a good rest all night long I continued my travel early in the morning, to drive 8 hours more.

Welcome to Arizona

Welcome to Nevada


Finally I arrived to my destiny, whit a little problems with the car, but it was a good partner in this trip.

Thanks for accompaning in this trip, I hope you’ve enjoyed it

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