Brides: beautiful details for the big day

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Brides: beautiful details for the big day

Now I want to talk with the brides about details for their weddings that it can do a big difference, previously I wrote about groom’s details (check but now it’s bride’s time.

As photographer, I always want to capture each moment, for that reason I prefer to start my job in the moment that the bride is getting ready, the wedding dress is the Queen of the details, it is most important after the bride and before the groom đŸ˜€ , but the bride can’t be dress her wedding dress in the make-up time, in this occasion is better to wear with a personalized dressing gown and show off with your maid of honor beautiful clothes that will undoubtedly improve your photos visually.

I would recommend that you give a view to this website the two previous photos belong to this page. I could see in this page beautiful details that you can share with your bridesmaid and family

for example, I love this detail, a personalized mug with the cartoon of you or your bridesmaid and maid of honor, I can imagine a nice portrait of the bridesmaid drinking something in that mug.

Or maybe you like something more elegant, you can get the same mug but whit yours names into it.

I got my mug with the name of my brand printed into it, and I really loved the detail. now this mug accompanies me on my computer every time I’m editing photos, I love to see my brand there, before that I show you my mug I want to tell you that this website doesn’t just sell beauty details, too you can read on its blog interesting tips for your wedding day.

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